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Waroeng Spesial Sambal Indonesia's Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Model

N Hasan1, D Padmaningrum1*, and E Rusdiyana1

1Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


The CSR program of Waroeng Spesial Sambal (SS) Indonesia has become a phenomenon of CSR practice that represents the company’s internal awareness and motivation even though it is not included in the type of business that is required to allocate a CSR budget. As a culinary business in the form of an individual company and not subject to CSR obligations, this company has been running CSR programs for quite a long time and consistently, both in the form of social activities and community empowerment. The budget allocation that is not based on the amount of profit but based on the amount of turnover is also an indicator of the value system adopted by the company. This study aims to analyze: (1) the basis for the implementation and (2) the sustainability model of Waroeng Spesial Sambal (SS) CSR. This research is qualitative research with a case study approach. Data were collected through observation and interviews with informants from the Waroeng SS CSR management and related stakeholders. The results of the study show: (1) the basis for implementing CSR is the company’s vision and policies; (2) there is a CSR sustainability model of Waroeng SS that meets the aspects of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

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