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Environmental Ethics Myth of the Rice Goddess “Dewi Sri” in Javanese Society as an Alternative to Contribution to Sustainable Development Goal

Trisna Kumala Satya Dewi1, Bani Sudardi2, Istadiyantha3, and Bagus Kurniawan4

1,2,3,4, Faculty of Cultural Studies

Email: 1, 2, 3, 4

Javanese people have known local wisdom in the form of knowledge about the environment which is reflected in the myth of the Goddess of Rice (Dewi Sri). The traditional image of the environment is in the form of all the activities of the Javanese people towards the preservation of “food” which is reflected in the myth of Dewi Sri. Javanese people have expressed it in various forms of ritual ceremonies related to food preservation (rice and other plants). This paper aims to reveal the environmental ethics of the Javanese people in the Dewi Sri myth. Environmental ethics in the form of local wisdom of the Javanese community in the Dewi Sri myth is expected to be useful for the development and future of the nation.

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