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Environmental Issues, Poverty and Media: Bibliometric Analysis

RD Wahyunengseh1,2* and S Hastjarjo1,

1,2Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia

2Regional Development Information Center, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia


This study contributes to the understanding of how environmental issues are connected to poverty issues and new media, including social media in the period 2016-2022. The novelty of this study provides information on the focus of the study on environmental issues, poverty in the era of social media penetration. The research uses a systematic literature review with bibliometric analysis of the type of co-occurance by all keywords. The data is taken from the articles in the Scopus database with the search key words “environment” AND “Poverty” and “environment” AND “social media” between 2016-2022, then the collected 13 articles are analized using Vosviewer. This study found 3 research streams on environmental issues, poverty and new media: (1) the relation between population issues, poverty and environmental degradation; (2) advocacy and communication of environmental issues through social media; (3) sustainable development. This bibliometric study of environmental, poverty and social Media issues contributes to enriching the category of studies and the direction of further research development. By analyzing the number of publications from each category over the last 7 years, we recommend 3 research questions from 3 research streams

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