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Geographical region and Exterior Characteristics Analysis of Bligon Goat for Livestock Development Based on Landform Aspect (a Case Study of Bantul District, Special Region of Yogyakarta)

B Haryanto1, A Bhermana2, B Heryanto2, R D Rahmawati3, B A Atmoko3,4, S Andarwati3, M A Musoddaqand Panjono3

1 Research Center for Sustainable Production System and Life Cycle Assessment, National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia 

2 Research Center for Geospatial, National Research and Innovation Agency,    Indonesia 

3 Faculty of Animal Science, University of Gadjah Mada – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

4 Research Center for Animal Husbandry, National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia

5 Research Center for Public Health and Nutrition, National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia

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In Indonesia, livestock have an important role in development and progress of the agricultural sector. Especially in Bantul District, Special Region of Yogyakarta, with the highest population of livestock, this region was dominated by species of Bligon goat. This study was conducted to analyse potential of geographical region with the existence of Bligons goat based on biophysical aspect. The landform and agroecological approach was used in order to know the correlation between Bligon goat characteristics and its environment. Field survey and descriptive analysis using a geographic information system (GIS) were also implemented for spatial analysis purposes, whereas qualitative data were analysed based on distribution of frequencies and values of mean and standard deviation for observed characteristics. The different landform represented by altitude with each specific agroecological zone affected different qualitative and quantitative exterior characteristics of Bligon goats involving head’s hair colour, body’s hair colour, crest colour,  messy colour, ears shape, and body shape. This information can then be used as basic consideration for livestock spatial development especially Bligon goats including management of genetic resource for Bligon goats.

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