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Regional Analysis of Large Chili Commodities (Capsicum Annum L.) In Kolaka Regency

Hapry Aljaninansya1*, Sri Marwanti1, and Umi Barokah1

1Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


This study aims to determine the base commodity, analyze the level of specialization and find out the spread of large chili commodities in Kolaka Regency. The analysis methods used are location quotien, specialization index and localization index. The data used is in the form of secondary time series data for 2016-2020 sourced from the Central Statistics Agency of Kolaka Regency. Based on the results of the study, there are 6 large chili community base districts in Kolaka Regency, means Toari District with a LQ value of 3.05, Iwoimendaa District with a LQ value of 1.84, Kolaka District with a LQ value of 1.78, Latambaga District with a LQ value of 1.73, Wolo District with a LQ value of 1.69 and Pomalaa District with a LQ value of 1.37 meaning that the 6 districts can meet the needs of large chilies in their regions and can export to other regions, the results of the analysis of the specialization index in 12 sub-districts no one specializes or there is no potential area to develop chili commudity in Kolaka Regency but there is 1 district, means Baula District whose localization value is close to 1 with a localization value of 0.966 which means that its development is relatively prominent compared to other regions.

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