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Analysis Of The Utilization Of Rice Seeds Of Improved Variety (Inpari 32) In Indramayu District, West Java

A Agustian1*, E Ariningsih 1, UK Yaumidin1, E Nurjati1, R Aldillah1*, C Muslim1, and RR Rachmawati1

Research Center for Behavioral and Circular Economics, National Research and Innovation Agency


Indramayu is the district with the highest rice production center in West Java. To support its production, adequate seed availability is required. This study aims to analyze the use of improved varieties Inpari 32 and its distribution problems. The study was conducted in Indramayu in 2021. The data collected included primary and secondary data. Sources of primary data from interviews with 30 lowland rice farmers, and secondary data from the Indramayu Agriculture Service. Data analysis was carried out by analyzing farming and varietal distribution. The results of the study found that in Indramayu, the use of improved varieties Inpari 32 in 2021 reached 45.97% of the total area used for various varieties. The use of the Inpari 32 variety has shifted the dominance of the Ciherang variety. The productivity of lowland rice farming of the Inpari 32 variety is 7.2 tons/ha GKP and the farming profit is Rp. 17.70 million/ha/season. The problem with the distribution of the Inpari 32 variety is the limited availability of seeds and a description of the superiority of the variety. To increase the dissemination of the use of Inpari 32, it is necessary to support the provision of seeds and socialize the superiority of varieties.

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