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The Correlation Study of Several Chemical Extractants in Tropical Soils Contaminated with Copper

Abdul Kadir Salam

Department of Soil Science Faculty of Agriculture University of Lampung Bandar Lampung Indonesia


The correlation between Cu uptake by several plants and soil Cu extracted by several extractants was evaluated in greenhouse experiments. Heavy-metal contaminated soils from Lampung, the southern part of Sumatra, Indonesia, with different levels of Cu were used. Eight different plants evaluated were amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor), caisim (Brassica chinensis var. Parachinensis), corn (Zea mays L.), land spinach (Ipomoea reptans Poir), lettuce (Lactuca sativa), napier grass (Penissetum purpureum), thorny amaranthus (Amaranthus spinosus L.) and water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica). Based on their correlation coefficients (R) and sensitivity (gradient), it was demonstrated that N HNO3, N HCl, Buffered DTPA pH 7.30, N NH4OAc pH 7.00, and M CaCl2 were good for predicting Cu uptake for land spinach and unbuffered DTPA for napier grass. The uptake of Cu by amaranth was best predicted by N NH4OAc pH 7.00, caisim and water spinach by M CaCl2, corn, land spinach and thorny amaranthus by N NH4OAc pH 7.00, and lettuce and napier grass by N HCl.

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