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Participation of Children's Forum in the development of child-friendly public spaces as smoke-free areas

S Yuliani1,2*, M Wijaya1,2, S Supriyadi1,2 and R Setyowati1

1Doctoral Study Program of Development Extension/Community Empowerment, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia

2Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia


Children’s forum is a medium to convey the interests of children in development. The availability of healthy and environmentally friendly public space is one of the needs of children which is also the goal of Sustainable Development Goals number 11, namely Sustainable cities and communities. This research aims to examine the participation of the Children’s Forum in developing smoke-free public spaces in the city of Surakarta.  This study was a descriptive qualitative research with case study approach. The informants were selected purposively, consisting of officers at the Office of Women Empowerment, Child Protection and Community Empowerment,   non-government organization, namely Yayasan Kakak,  as well as members of the Children  Forum in Surakarta. Data was collected using observation, in-depth interviews, focus group discussion and documentation study. Data analysis was conducted using an interactive model of analysis encompassing three stages : data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. Research results show that the Surakarta Children’s Forum was actively involved in the development of child-friendly public spaces as smoke-free areas through advocacy to push for the ratification of a smoke-free regional regulation and monitoring its implementation, the movement to collect cigarette butts in public parks, and communication, information and education for awareness of the dangers of smoking to children’s health.

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