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Revitalization Boh gadong as ethnobotanical garden in Simeulue Island

T Lubis1*, A A Abus2, Delima3, N A A Abus4, and A F Abus5

1,2,4Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia

3Universitas Negeri Medan, Medan, Indonesia

5Aceh Landscape Development Centre, Langsa, Indonesia


Boh gadong (fruit Gadong) is a typical plant in Simeulue island. This fruit includes in the tuber group. The shape is like taro but huge. The colour is purple, and the taste is similar like taro. Fruit gadung usually grows in the bush and has many benefits as a staple food on Simeulue Island. At present, Gadong is rarely to find. Meanwhile, the benefit of this fruit is good for health. Based on local people’s information, this fruit can cure rheumatism, stomach ache, festering wounds, and antidote. This study aimed to expose Boh gadong as a typical plant on Simeulue Island for its benefit, especially for Simeuluenese. The ethnography method was applied in this study. The data were collected from documentation of Gadong fruit, depth interview, and participant observation. This study’s recording of narrative and descriptive of Gadong fruit as an annotation were data. The result of the study showed that the ethnobotanical garden of Gadong fruit could be developed into a potential garden as one of the foodstuffs on Simeulue Island. Gadong fruit’s revitalisation needs to be conducted regarding the essence of this typical plant toward Simueluenese welfare based on their local wisdom.    

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