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A Review on Participation of Cocoa Smallholders in Agricultural Certification Scheme

Ahmad Lukman Rusli1* and Fazleen Abdul Fatah1

1Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Melaka Branch, Jasin Campus, Malaysia


The ability of the cocoa smallholders to comply with the agricultural certification scheme has led to the improvement of the commodity profits and sustainable agriculture especially cocoa crop. This study aims to determinants and extent the participation of cocoa smallholder in agricultural certification scheme. Cocoa production contributes significantly to the national economy by generating foreign exchange profits. The cocoa industry keeps growing rapidly from year to year. The results revealed that most important factors influence the smallholder’s participation in agricultural certification scheme are age of smallholders, gender, training, farming experience, education, and attitude. Educational status had significant positive relationship with the certification scheme. Using a review method from several research study the multinomial logistic regression model and other methods is used to analyze the participation of smallholders in the certification. Therefore, there have a lot of benefits through certifications which give high impact to the smallholders in term of food safety standards. This can improve the safety of consumer, the livelihood of smallholder, and the quality of agricultural products. This capacity will locate the cocoa crops at the global demand that linked together from top to down of the value chains process. Thus, according to empirical research, certification programs open a new breath for more sustainably agricultural products from cocoa.

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