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Assessment of Seed Quality of Contrasting Rice Seed Cultivar

A H Mohamad Fauzi1*, S M Abdul Rahman1 and N S Abdullah1

1 Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology Universiti Teknologi MARA Jasin Melaka, Malaysia


Drought and high temperature are common coincide abiotic stresses occurred in Asia, give an impact in seed quality and national rice production in Malaysia. Several studies have been conducted on rice cultivation exposed on both environmental stresses, however, the effect on seed quality and production during seed development was limited.  Preliminary study was conducted in UiTM Malacca, Jasin Campus to investigate the seed quality (germination capacity, field emergence, speed germination and vigor index) on contrasting rice cv. AEROB1, MR220CL and AERON at different germinating facilities (growth chamber vs. glass house). The plant growth chamber was set up of (12/h photoperiod) meanwhile the minimum and maximum temperature in glass house respectively at 23.9 and 43°C. Present results indicated that seed germinated in growth chamber for cv. AEROB1 and MR220CL obtained percentage germination 94% and 92% respectively. Meanwhile, in glass house, AEROB1, MR220CL and AERON showed slightly low in viability with 97.6%, 90.1% and 86.8%. The speed of germination for AEROB 1 and MR220CL was at range 92-94%. The current viability result is important for next experiment (on going) to impose plant to drought and elevated heat during seed development for determination of seed quality production. The finding of this study could provide beneficial information to farmer to enhance their rice productions well as rice quality for next growing season particularly during dry season.

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