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Eco Friendly for Product Design

Poster will be available and accessible on August 24, 2022.

Date    : 24 August 2022

Time    : 08.00-13.00 (GMT+7)

Place   : 



ID 14

Establishing a co-design framework for disaster mitigation agenda in the urban context. A Case study: SIBAT Solo

Andi Setiawan, Ahmad Ramdhon and Lira A Utami

ID 22

The Natural Color Utilization of Indigofera  Substance for Batik Development

Sarwono, Darwoto and Sigit Purnomo Adi

ID 38

Building a Food Sovereign Society Through Indigenous Forest Establishment Policy

Anti Mayastuti, Mohammad Jamin and Hari Purwadi

ID 60

An environmentally friendly one-pot synthesis method of 1,4 dihydropyridines through Hantzsch reaction

Stiti Mohamed Zakaria, Habila Tahir and Khelili Smail

ID 93

Finishing the King’s Throne Replica on the Reliefs of the Borobudur Temple Environmentally Friendly Furniture Solutions.

Rahmanu Widayat and Anung Studyanto

ID 94

Swallow Ornament as an Identity for the Sustainability of Gebangsari Kebumen Pottery Existence

Desy Nurcahyanti, Sayidah Mafisah Nurromadhoni and Novita Wahyuningsih

ID 99

Cilacap Batik: Natural Dyes with Main Motifs of Marine Life and Dipterocarpus littoralis (Pelahlar)

Theresia Widiastuti, Apika N. Sulistyati, Darwoto, Felix A. Dartono and Sarah R. Handayani

ID 118

Ecoprinting with Weed Plant: Utilization of Cacabean (Ludwigia octavalvis) and Ketul (Biden pilosa) as Ecoprint Natural Dyes

Khori Y. Pratiwi and Apika N. Sulistyati

ID 119

Eco-Art Trend Based On Eco-Culture In The Painting Works Of Young Indonesian Artists

Setyo Budi and Narsen Afatara

ID 153

Pari Klegung ‘The River Whisper’ Eco Friendly Study

Anung Studyanto, Andrik Purwasito, Warto Warto and Rahmanu Widayat

ID 157

Sustainable Artwork with Nature Theme by The Jakarta Modernist Painters: Zaini, Rusli, Nashar, and Oesman Effendi

Anna Sungkar and Desy Nurcahyanti

ID 177

Eco-brick Infographic Animation as a Campaign Medium for Plastic Waste Management in Yogyakarta Special Region

Deny Tri Ardianto and Rizky Ardhani

ID 181

Creative Strategies for Utilizing Glass and Fabric Waste

Ambar Mulyono, Pandu Purwandaru, Anung B Studyanto and Nurhayatu Nufut Alimin

ID 184

Generation Z’s Preference For Choosing A Visual Animation Style As A Medium For Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Arief Iman Santoso

ID 188

Video Art as Environmental Communication Media for The Problem of Plastic Waste in Solo City

Bedjo Riyanto, Nurhayatu Nufut Alimin, Setyawan Setyawan and Rahmanu Widayat

ID 190

Interior Accessories Product Design using Fabric Rope from Patchwork Waste

Nurhayatu Nufut Alimin, Endri Sintiana Murni, Dwi Cahyani, Nurul Aini and Ambar Mulyono