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Poster Show 2.
Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Environment

Poster will be available and accessible on August 24, 2022.

Date    : 24 August 2022

Time    : 08.00-13.00 (GMT+7)

Place   : 


Title and Author

ID 21

Field Application of VP3 Biofertilizer on Soybeans (Glycine Max L.) and Yield Comparison with Four Biofertilizers Sold in the Market

Novi Arfarita

ID 26

EIA/AMDAL In Risk Society: A Study In Developing Country Indonesia

Toni Kumayza and Sundek Hariyadi

ID 31

Motion Graphic Design As Media Zero Waste Lifestyle Campaign For Indonesian People

Bunga Chathelya Lestari and Jazuli Abdin Munib

ID 32

Economic Impact of the Walikota Solo Cup 2022

Rumi Doewes, Sapta Kunta Purnama and Islahuzzaman Nuryadin

ID 34

Chromosome of Phaius tankervilleae and Phaius amboinensis Orchid

Sri Hartati, Parjanto Parjanto, Sukaya Sukaya, Endang Setia Muliawati, Nandariyah Nandariyah, Endang Yuniastuti, Ida Rumia Manurung and Cahyadi Wisnu Wardhana Purmiyoto

ID 39

Effect of iaa and bap concentrations on the growth of matoa (Pometia pinnata) plants in vitro

Endang Yuniastuti, Annisa Dina Pratami, Sukaya Sukaya and Imanovta Ichti Santoso Putri

ID 46

Evaluation Of Different Herbicides Application Towards Weed Population And Aerobic Rice Performance

Siti Nur Anisah Aani, Muhammad Saiful Ahmad Hamdani And Abd Shukor Juraimi

ID 57

The Characteristics of Teapots Made of Plastic and Clay: What are their Designs, Functions and Impacts on the Environment?

Joko Lulut Amboro, Andrik Purwasito, Warto Warto and Dwi Prasetyani

ID 59

GC-MS analysis of bioactive compounds from leaves extract of Melastoma malabatrichum, Clidemia hirta, Chromolaena odorata, and Ageratum conyzoides

Nurul Hana Ismail, Nur’Amira Hamid, Wan Zuraida Wan Mohd Zain, Fazlena Hamzah and Siti Noor Hajjar Md Latip

ID 62

Antioxidant and GC-MS Analysis of Cyperus iria, Fimbristylis miliacea, and Fimbristylis globulosa

Nina Asqalani Abdullah, Wan Zuraida Wan Mohd Zain, Nurul Wahida Ramli, Nur’Amira Hamid and Fazlena Hamzah

ID 98

Comparing Environmental Policy: Observational Case of Government Website of Surakarta, Indonesia and Pingtung, Taiwan

Rino Ardhian Nugroho, Septyanto Galan Prakoso, Kartika Nur Hidayati and Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni

ID 110

Information flow among farmers in the acceleration of agriculture 4.0

Emi Widiyanti, Prahastiwi Utari and Dwiningtyas Padmaningrum

ID 123

Tenure of Agricultural Assets as a Determinant of Income for Farmers Affected by Policy on National Strategic Project Development in Klaten Regency

Bekti Wahyu Utami, Sunarru Samsi Hariadi and Alia Bihrajihant Raya

ID 159

Context of function and aesthetics in disaster mitigation comics

Sayid Mataram

ID 161

The effects of Isomalto-oligosaccharide, Inulin, and Polydextrose on the Development of Sugar-Free Pineapple Jam

Michelle Michelle and Diana Lo

ID 163

Public Service Ads Video, An Invitation To Dispose Of Waste In Its Place

Arif Wicaksono