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Programme & Presenter Instruction

As informed, ICSAE-X will be held by online. There are two different sessions in this conference, namely parallel session and general assembly. The parallel session can be accessed through Zoom, all the digital format of paper presentation (recorded video and poster) are listed and opened to all participants. The general assembly, invited speakers talk will be performed through live meeting.

Conference Programme

General Assembly Rundown

Opening07.30-08.00Registration and preparation
08.05-08.10Indonesian National Anthem
08.10-08.16Welcome Address
08.16-08.22Greeting to Participant
08.22-08.30Opening Remarks
Invited Speaker 108.30-08.35Preparation and announcements
08.35-09.15Talk of Invited Speaker 1
09.15-09.30Q n A
09.30-09.35Closing for Session 1 and remarks
Invited Speaker 209.35-09.40Preparation and announcements
09.40-10.20Talk of Invited Speaker 2
10.20-10.35Q n A
10.35-10.40Closing for Session 2 and remarks
Invited Speaker 310.40-10.50Preparation and announcements
10.50-11.30Talk of Invited Speaker 3
11.30-11.45Q n A
11.45-11.50Closing Session 3 and remarks
Break11.50-13-00Announcements and break
Invited Speakers 4 and 513.00-13.15Preparation and announcements
13.15-13.55Talk of Invited Speaker 4
13.55-14.35Talk of Invited Speaker 5
14.35-14.50Q n A
14.50-15.00Closing remarks
Closing15.00-15.15Announcements and closing

Parallel Session Rundown

Parallel session rundown will be provided later.

Presenter Instruction

Author can choose preferable presentation methods, either Oral or Poster presentation.

For oral presentation, authors should prepare and submit a pre-recorded video presentation. While, for poster presentation, authors should prepare and submit digital poster.

Below are the guidelines for parallel sessions.

1. Oral Presentation

Author(s) will receive a Zoom link a day before the conference via email, which is specific for their presentation room. On the conference day, the Committee will play video presentations in parallel for every 3 presenters. It will be continued with live discussion for 5 minutes led by Room Chair. Thus, we hope that all authors join the Zoom room during parallel session. Oral presentation schedule will be provided in the programme book.

The presenters are free to choose preferred video recording platform, however we suggest using Zoom recording, because it is easy to use and has a small file size. You may adapt the methods from this link

Recorded video presentation requirements:

  • MP4 format
  • Maximum size 30 MB
  • Video duration maximum is 7 minutes
  • Please introduce presenter name, for certificate purposes
  • Submit video presentation through EasyChair

For example of video presentation please visit or Youtube ICSAE Network

Please note that a presenter certificate will be given to the presenter recorded in the video. Another author who joined the parallel session will get a participant certificate. Presented manuscript and listed author will receive a manuscript certificate.

2. Poster Presentation

Digital poster shows can be accessed through the conference website ( Discussion can be done by commenting on the web page.

Digital poster requirements:

  • PDF format
  • Maximum size 5 MB
  • Paper size A3 vertical
  • Kindly put on the poster: Presentation title, authorship and affiliation
  • Submit digital poster through EasyChair

For example of Digital Poster please visit

Please note that a presenter certificate will be given to the presenter previously selected in the EasyChair platform. Presented manuscript and listed author will receive a manuscript certificate.