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ICSAE-X Author Guideline

Please note that we use two different systems for abstract & document management and fullpaper management. Please read carefully the following guideline. First, author need to submit the abstract via Easy Chair. The committee then will evaluated, decided, then notified the eligible abstract to be presented. Committed also will instruct to upload the necessary documents along with the presentation material. Second, selected paper as evaluated in the conference presentation program, must be submitted via EasyChair platform for review circulation before submitted to proceeding publication.

Abstract Submission

1. Abstract Preparation:
• Abstract in English only
• Should within ICSAE-X scope
• File type doc/docx
• Must be written using ICSAE-X format (Download Abstract Template)

2. Abstract Submission:
• Create EasyChair ( Account for new user or Log in if already have an account.
• Open ICSAE-X EasyChair URL: 
• Click ‘make a new submission’.
• Fill out the form (Author, Title and Abstract, Keyword, Topic, Phone/Whatsapp Number, Presetation type and Abstract File), the required fields are marked by *.
Please note that:
– Author(s) marked as corresponding author will receive email if there any update from submission, it can be different with corresponding author which denote in the abstract file.
– One of the authors should be marked as a presenter.
– According to the proceeding publisher’s policy, an author’s name can only present in maximum two papers regardless the position.
• Click ‘Submit’.

Video Guideline:

Required Documents Submission

Once the abstract accepted, authors are asked to submit payment receipt, author declaration form and media presentation through EasyChair.

  • Media Presentation Preparation
    Considering time constraints and to avoid various technical problems during the conference, author will not do the presentation directly/live, but through the presentation media. Thus author are requested to prepare and submit pre-recorded video presentation or poster.
    Video preparation (for oral method)
    Recorded presentation in *.mp4 format, with maximum 7 minutes duration and file size no more than 30 MB. For video recording, we suggest to record using Zoom Meeting, you may adapt the methods in this link Example of the video presentation can be seen at
    Poster preparation
    Poster in *.pdf format, size A3 vertical and file size no more than 5 MB.
  • Registration Fee
    Payment receipt in *.jpg/*.jpeg/*.pdf format, only for Registration Fee. Payment instruction can be found at
  • Author Declaration Form
    Author Declaration Form in *.pdf format, should be signed by corresponding author or primary contact, Download Author Declaration Form Template.

Submission Guideline

  • Login to EasyChair
  • Choose ‘author’
  • Click Lup icon, under ‘View’ header
  • Click ‘Add update files’
  • Click ‘Choose File’ and select file that has been prepared before
  • Click ‘Submit’

Video Guideline:

Fullpaper Submission

Before submitting the full paper, please make sure to follow the guideline below. Author should submit a full paper in Easychair.
Fullpaper submission deadline: 14 October 2023

1. Fullpaper Preparation:
• Please note that any fail to follow the guideline, would impact to the rejection of your paper in the proceeding.
• Manuscripts should be original, never been published in any scientific journal, or being under consideration for publication elsewhere.
• Paper should be written in clear English, we recommend to use proofreading services to avoid any grammatical or spelling error.
• Paper should follow ICSAE guideline (template will be provide later)
• Manuscript should be 6-10 length.
• Similarity of plagiarism checker no more than 25% (All section, include references).
• We suggest to use Mendeley Reference Manager for citation and reference list.
An author’s name can only present in maximum two papers regardless the position.

2. Fullpaper Submission EasyChair (*.doc/*.docx)
• Login to EasyChair  and choose ‘author’ Role in ICSAE-X row
• Click Lup icon, under ‘View’ header
• Click ‘Add update files’
• Click ‘Choose File’ under Full Paper section and select file
• Click ‘Submit’

Video Guideline:

Payment for Publication Fee will be informed later.

Please note that, since the fullpaper has been submitted, file changes can only be made if requested by the committee, please check carefully before submit.